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Get to know Marissa

And the passion behind Great Lakes Tinned Fish

My mission

My mission in life is to bring people together, whether through shared space or common ground. For many years, this has taken on a corporate face — working for more than a decade on integrated marketing campaigns, specializing in brand activation, user experience and event promotion — on behalf of companies like Google, Bayer, and Johnson & Johnson. I’ve curated these skills closer to home with restaurant clients and through DGRI grants that emphasize community and what’s possible when people feel both at home and invited to explore something new.


Home sweet Michigan

My return to Michigan in late 2019 — after having lived in Chicago and Boston for nearly a decade — was a very intentional move: one that drew me closer to family and to purposeful living, including the community building that has made where I stand today with this business dream possible. My love for Michigan — and cultivating spaces where people feel they belong — deepens my “why” every day.


Chef collaborations

As a food enthusiast, I’ve found my happy place at the intersection of experience and innovation; the unexpected juxtaposition of comfort and curiosity. I founded Dinner Club GR to bring to life the things I loved in the other cities in which I lived — and that helped create a sense of place and connection to culture — through events that celebrate the ingenuity of chefs when given creative license to explore a menu unrestrained by what will sell to the masses…giving them a forum to get out from behind the kitchen and share their stories. 


It's personal

My name — Marissa — means of the sea: I’ve always found calm and clarity by water. A second-generation immigrant, memories of cooking fish and chips in my grandparents’ kitchen always reminds me of the joy of the simple things and connects me to my British heritage. Nowadays, you can find me shucking oysters at any shindig — and every opportunity — or charting new waters by row-, speed-, or sail- boat. My latest solo travels to Portugal and France have brought together my passion for unparalleled culinary experience, knowledge of food quality, and appreciation for the unmatched combination of tinned fish and wine — serving as foundational research for this business endeavor.

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