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A little preview

We're hard at work trying to find the right co-packer to bring our vision to life. To quickly translate idea into action, our team has identified Big Stone Bay Fishery, Superior Seafood, and Fortune Fish who can source local, quality product, process (bleed, debone, freeze or smoke, etc.), and transport to domestic co-packing facilities. Long term, we'd love to begin conversations

with suppliers like Harrietta Trout Farm or Carlson’s Fishery for small-scale, limited production runs. We aim to work closely with local tribes and the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission to monitor whitefish, trout and walleye populations to ensure sustainable harvesting (and source directly

with them where able).  

Note: Products below are representational only. Fish varieties subject to change based on availability and product testing / recipe creation.

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…every Midwesterner should be able to celebrate the flavors of a fresh catch from the Great Lakes region year-round.

…the tastes of the Great Lakes rival what’s exported by any major fishing town or economy globally.

We know...

…a convenient, simple meal doesn’t need to be highly processed.

…Michigan households will want to support a local business idea.

…every host deserves a red meat alternative on their charcuterie spread.

We will offer...

…a locally, ethically sourced product that matches the quality of exported selections.

…unique sampling activations that allow local customers to fall in love with the experience of tinned fish — not just the product.


Did you know?

Initiatives like Mi Fresh Fish and the Michigan Sea Grant are educating Michigan-based consumers on where to find locally-sourced fish for purchase, and how to learn more about the challenges the industry faces to better advocate for sustainable practices while supporting both aquaculture and commercial fisheries. Because 90% of consumed fish in the state
is imported,
new options to support local can make a difference in both awareness and economic revitalization. And at the federal level, Homeland Security has begun to prioritize the need to support domestic aquaculture as a step toward greater self-reliance for food supply chain.

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