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Where it all started

A brief history


Tinned fish has historical roots across many cultures. Its long shelf life (up to five years) fed fishermen braving the elements on long journeys far from shore to provide for their families, and meant households could stave off food access limitations and the volatility of fresh meat availability and preparation. It is a pinnacle of traditional meals – celebratory or everyday – and contemporary food scenes internationally, particularly in Spain and Portugal. Rather than casting away this form of food preservation – treating it as a relic of bygone eras – industry leaders and consumers alike are finding joy in its simplicity and a newfound appreciation for its time-honored craft: with a modern twist. Look no further than Michigan’s Fishtown – Leland – to see the heart of the communities that live by the credo of knowing where your food comes from…and honoring the ecosystems and processes that require care to make this practice possible for centuries to come. Whether at ports far away or in nostalgic destinations close to home, all these things inform Fellowship & Co., fueled by what’s come before to create something that is reimagined for today.

Image by Gregor Moser
a tinned fish platter for date night.jpg

A note from Marissa:
An ode to New England

There is something quite magical about time spent in New England, driving down the coast to hit city after saltwater-kissed city. I spent four of my most formative years exploring its waters, restaurants and storefronts (books and antiques and wine shops aplenty), making me who I am today. I remember vividly the night I first stumbled upon Haley Henry: a woman-owned, natural wine bar that paired its star lineup with – you guessed it – tinned fish. It was, to me then, a concept so foreign: how could something so basic go with something so sophisticated? And though my date didn't stick with me beyond that fateful evening, the lesson did. The simplest things – done well – offer us the ultimate enjoyment. What deserves the spotlight now more than ever are the things that have stood the test of time. That stand for something. That ask for no praise, but instead delight us with their consistency. The things that may appear unassuming may just be the secret to happiness...

Let's crack open more of that.

Fresh coast vibes
embody all of this goodness.

it's time to put the Great lakEs
on the map for tinned fish.

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